About the research alliance

The development of new and advanced materials drives new technologies. Materials are key to the creation of innovative products and technologies ranging from catalysis, green hydrogen generation, energy storage to biomedical applications. The Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety is steered by Annette Kraegeloh (INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials) and Andreas Fery (Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF)).

The Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety

The LRA Advanced Materials Safety adopts a comprehensive approach, integrating the design of safe materials, future-proof hazard assessment, science communication, and research data management. This approach is based on tight cooperation between scientists of relevant disciplines as a prerequisite to effectively enable innovations based on safe and sustainable materials that are accepted by consumers and the public. The focus of the works of the Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety is therefore on the safety of advanced materials featuring a hierarchical structure of micro- and nanoscale building blocks.

The LRA connects 12 Leibniz Institutes. Specific case studies are addressed in a common framework of graduate training and exchange. The endeavour will be supported by the development of a FAIR compatible research data infrastructure addressing the needs of materials safety research.

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